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The Ultimate Sales Managers Guide

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

by John Klymshyn (Coach K)

Coach K (published and legal name John Klymshyn) is the respected and often-quoted author of several books, hundreds of magazine articles, and innumerable blog posts.

His works have become required reading at Fortune 1000 firms.

“The Ultimate Sales Managers’ Guide” (featuring the 52 Attributes of The Ultimate Sales Manager™) published in 2006, has been adopted as required reading in firms as diverse as Yahoo! (Hotjobs Division),, FedEx Freight, Bank of America, and others.

Practical real world solutions to issues Sales people experience. Timeless. Wonderful resource tool that sales people should be referring to over and over.

Excellent coverage for people who have the fun of managing and motivating sales staffs. Managing sales staffs has been likened to herding cats. Apt analogy. Challenges facing each sales person are changing constantly. Their managers have to understand this and know how to relate to each, often on a daily or weekly basis. Every customer is different.

Excellent chapters on effective sales management techniques. But it covers the other behaviors that are equally important in sales management. I’ve been managing sales people for over 40 years. It took too long for me to realize I couldn’t manage sales staffs the same way I managed other departments…not if I wanted to develop an expanding, exciting entrepreneurial company.

This is our number 1 “go to” guide on sales issues.

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