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Move the Sale Forward

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

By John Klymshyn

John is master story teller. This book is for all of us in business...and most of us going through life. We are all engaged in selling every day. Kids are great at sales. How else do they get what they want? From infants on they are great at letting us know whether they are buying that yucky looking squash in a bottle we're trying to sell them.

Today it seems society is more split than ever. Seems like people are challenging and disagreeing with almost everything we say. We all are selling every day...and we all need to get better at it every day...within our own organizations and with real customers.

Book opens with chapter on Making the Human Connection. Then helping us understand emotions and how they work impacting not just selling, but everything we do in business world. We all understand emotions...but do we understand how our and the other person's emotions work on the specific topic we are selling today? When was the last time you really considered what you are selling from the customers viewpoint? Sure we listen to the customer...but do we hear the customer.

How really hearing the customer (whether an Executive on your team or a prospective paying customer) and making slight modifications in "your pitch" can make your opening much stronger. Then chapter on Moving Sales Conversations Forward.


Final Chapter (11) is about Sales Skills...and Life Skills

What I liked best. The simple reminders. I'm a salesman and I have run sales organizations for over 4 decades. What do I forget? That every interaction with our employees, friends, family, and yes, grand kids is really a sale. We always want people to do what we want done. Am I really thinking about it from their perspective and what they want out of the conversation? Until I do, I'm hindering myself.

I can pick this book up and find chapter on something that is not going as well as I would like. John draws our attention to key points he wants to make. Chapters are 20 pages or so. I don't have to read entire chapter. I can look for key point I need and then concentrate on those few pages.

I use business books for reference sources. Unfortunately, I don't have time to reread an entire book when I nit a snag in project or sale we are working on.

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