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Wise Guy-Lessons from a Life

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

By Guy Kawasaki

Wise Guy-Lessons from a Life

by Guy Kawaski Excellent book on importance of family and how it impacts our professional careers. Lots of humorous stories. Author pokes fun at himself and readily dmits some of his less than glamorous moments.

Book is a really fun read. Vignettes on his life. Eleven entertaining chapters. Each telling a story, using quotes, and nuggets of wisdom that are labeled as such and clearly marked as that.

Pressed for time? Skim through book reading just the Wisdom boxes. Or quotes. Book is constructed so individual chapters stand on their own.

What did I like most? His stories on how he challenged traditional thinking and his willingness to take risks inside companies. That he’s embraced changing industries as his career has unfolded.

Book is responsible for new business venture I am undertaking. Guy shows people that any time is good time to try something new. (He went so far as to learn surfing…at 62.)

Inspirational and motivating.

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