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Ethical Theft

This was Don Farrell's first book. Don is Chief Cultivating Officer from Fresh Revenues is in "Ethical Theft...How to Steal Business From Your Competition" is entertaining with great ideas and lessons.

"Ethical Theft...How to Steal Business From Your Competition." 50 very tactical ways to liberate business from your competition. These are things Don actually did in his career as a hotel sales person at many different ranks, levels, and markets. Including running worlds largest sales service and training company. This book is guaranteed to get you laughing, thinking and wondering how far your competition would be willing to go to acquire business, including yours. How far are you willing to go...ethically?

"We offer the tools that will distance yourself from your competition forever".---Don Farrell

Don Farrell's Vision & Values

To do great work and have fun doing it with great people who are as passionate as my company is when it comes to distancing themselves from the pack forever through their revenue driven culture.

Don covers how to be memorable. He knows sex sells and discusses Emotional Hookers. How to be the decision maker your clients need and want. Some great Tactical Stealing stories.

Great read when you only have few minutes at a time. Chapters are broken into sub-sections.

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