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What we can do for you!

SINCE 1977

We're in our fifth decade. We have the good fortune to talk to 100’s of your peers continuously. That gives us the opportunity to hear what recruiting techniques are working for them.  We also communicate with and talk to thousands of candidates. They tell us their frustrations, successes, goals, and dreams. We are always willing to share what we are hearing.


What is key point of distinction we offer? Most of our communications with clients and candidates is via phone calls. We get away from text messages, voice mail, and emails as quickly as possible. There are times those have to be used. Actual phone conversations are key in understanding depth of people’s experience, their management style, how they communicate, whether they can lead, etc. When candidates want to rely on electronic comunications we drop them quickly.


People businesses require real conversations. Isn’t that what your guests and business clients and groups expect?


We only handle four assignments per recruiter per month. That gives us time to actually recruit for specific jobs.


We start with detailed information about your job and the style that will best mesh with your team and company. That identifies hotels and companies most likely to have people with skill sets you need. We narrow the list of properties. Then we start 3 step process. Dive into our files to see if we have candidates at desired properties and position in our files. -Start direct recruiting to other hotels or companies that match your needs. -At same time we start to reach out to people we know at properties/companies who can refer prospective candidate to us.

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