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career seekers

What’s the difference between a career and a job?
Are you in Top 20% for your position? Striving to get there?

Have you developed your career package? 

Read below on how to differate yourself from other canidates

Your Career

Plan & Resume

Career tips and sample resume that sells you.

Checking Your References

Don't leave this step to fate. 

Management Style & Goals

Differentiating yourself from the competition

Cover Letter 

Getting your cover letter read.

What’s the difference between a career and a job?

Employers offering careers will ask you about your accomplishments and how you achieved them. They will tell you about the people they have promoted recently. Identify 3-5 success measurements for the position and how they measure them. They will ask about your career goals for the next few years.

You know that innocent question: Tell me about yourself? It’s not innocent! Often that is the most important question in the interview. It gives employers a chance to see how you think, what is important to you, and why.


How should you answer that question?

Give employer answers to the topics in the first paragraph…for the last year. Then let them know you will be glad to go back further if they want more insight.  Your answer will immediately tell them you are goal oriented. Career seekers understand the importance of differentiating themselves.

Most employers will just move on. What do you do if they ask for more? Tell them your 5-year career goal and the steps you have been taking to assure you have skills and experience to meet that goal.

If you have not been thinking about your career in this way, it’s time to start.

Are you in Top 20% for your position? Striving to get there?

Let employers know how you got there. How you measure your success compared to your peers. What you are doing to get even better.


If the above describe you:

Email your resume to:

Career seekers with goals deserve our attention. Want our immediate attention? Send your answers to the above questions and we will get be back to you within 24 hours on weekdays. 

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