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Cover Letters that Sell You

Employers rarely read cover letters?  Why? Most cover letters don’t tell employers anything.


Your cover letter should set the stage for your resume and other documents.

Done right, each cover letter should appear to be written for each specific job you are applying to. The key is to develop a “form” cover letter that looks like it has been customized.

At the very least, your cover letter needs to support your resume. To give employers enough information so they want to read your resume and supporting documents.

Below is an example of a Cover Letter that refers to resume and Management Style and Goals. Why? Very few job seekers include their Management Style and Goals, yet it is an excellent way to make you stand out from everyone else.

The objective of your resume, cover letter, and any supporting documents is to get the potential employer to call you.

Here’s a sample cover letter that supports the resume:



Name of person
Company/property name
City, ST, Zip


Dear __________, (Never use To Whom it May Concern. That tells a potential employer you have done no homework on the job or company. If you don’t care, why should they care?)

Your position for (fill in the title and location of the job) interests me:

  • My progression through Housekeeping,  Front Office, Restaurant Manager, Director Banquets and F&B Director at Westin, Hilton and Sheraton Hotels from 178-330 rooms has prepared me for your position.

  • My resume indicates, I have successfully increased revenues and flowed over 70% of the increase to the bottom line.

  • I have trained and developed staff to provide exceptional customer service.


The above have contributed to increased profits for my current employer.


I would enjoy doing the same for you.


Please take a minute to review my resume.

Additionally, I have included my Management Style and Goals to give you a better understanding of who I am. Compare that style and goals with your teams.

I will follow up (fill in date 10 days from the time you mail or email your information) to determine your interest.

I have many contacts in the industry. If you have other vacancies, let me know and I will be glad to refer people to you. 






(Your name, address, phone, and email.)




Why is the above a good, form cover letter?

First, inserting the name of the position and property location customize your letter without re-writing it.

Second, is a positive statement about your experience relative to their opening. To really customize this you could add specific accomplishments relating to their job.

The next two bullet points address things any employer will be glad to hear.

The summation paragraph indicates your ability to improve profits.

“I would enjoy doing the same for you” is a positive statement that reinforces your interest.

Review the Management Style & Goals work sheet asks them to see how you can contribute to their team.

Statement on when you will follow-up indicates that you do follow-up. That statement alone often means a prospective employer will take the time to read your resume.

Last, offering to refer candidates to other jobs they have open indicates you are thinking of ways you can assist them before you even work for them.

How does this cover letter compare to others you have received?

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