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Management Style & Goals

Sending Employers your Management Style & Goals is important for four reasons:

  1. It gives employers additional information about you. You want to work for companies that will help you reach your career goals quicker. If your Management Style is close to theirs, your odds of success in the job improve.

  2. Your resume package will stand out compared to other candidates that just include a resume.

  3. Almost every interview will include variations of these questions. This gives you a chance to think about your answers in advance.

    TIP: Once you have written out your answers practice answering them out loud. Since many employers will ask these or very similar questions during phone interviews, you want to have short clear answers.

  4. Potential employers who have this information typically ask more in-depth questions during both phone and onsite interviews. This enables you to better understand their needs and if you want to work for them.

Keep your answers short. Answer the questions honestly. It’s easy to start identifying how we want to be. Then people answer the questions based on where they expect to be instead of where they are. Potential employers are going to expect you to act and perform the way you answer the questions.

Your objective is to give potential employers additional information to get them interested in you.

This document typically takes 30-45 minutes to prepare. Included with your resume, it will set you apart from other candidates.

Different companies have different management and operating styles. You want to join companies that believe and operate like you do. That greatly improves your chances of promotion. 

Below is a sample outline:

Management Style & Goals

(Your Name)
(Phone Number)
(Your Email)

Briefly describe your management style:


What have been your most significant career accomplishments? Why were they significant?


What are the most important traits that you will bring to your next employer?

What motivates you?

What types of things frustrate you?

What technical areas do you feel strongest in?

How do you train/develop employees?

What do you look for when hiring employees?

Give an example of where you served as, and how you were a mentor:

Describe the day-to-day working environment that will best utilize your skills.

What characteristics do you look for in a progressive company?


What position(s) do you feel ideally suited for today?

What position(s) would you like to have in five years?

What areas of your background would you like to strengthen?

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