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Servant Leadership in Action

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

How You Can Achieve Great Relationships and Results

Edited by Ken Blanchard & Renee Broadwell

Servant Leadership in Action is about the people you are serving…not you. To many leaders are here to be served, not to serve. Egos are driven by two factors. False pride and fears or self-doubts. Many will cover these fears and self-doubt with an overly inflated ego.

Ken does great job asking the tough questions and giving examples on difference between leadership that serves…and the leadership that most people exhibit. People are either “called” or “driven.”

Ken’s view, the number one customer we all have is our people. If we show them, we care, in turn they will care, and show us.

Ken talks about how to become a servant leader. He suggests starting with a compelling vision for your people. Then establish the values. The opposite of making money is generosity and positive relationships with your people. Making a difference with your people leads to success.

I really liked the section where he talks about how people start their day. Those that are task oriented get sucked into the rat race. Those that start the day slowly, reflecting on what they want from the day, instead of worrying about the tasks quiet themselves…and end up accomplishing more and feeling better about themselves.

Can’t speak for you, but there are too many days I wake up with my “to do list” top of mind. Changing that approach and asking myself in the morning how I want to remember the day, then reflecting on what I need to do and how I need to be to have the right memory end of day.

Concentrate on praising people versus criticism. It’s easy to get your points across starting from what people are doing well, then making suggestions. People need to end their day assessing what has happened. Evaluate.

Book explains that life is about getting “A’s” not the bell-shaped curve. Teach the answers to acceptable performance as you go along. Praise during day.

Ken’s company is 300 strong. He and his wife are going strong and having fun in their late 70’s.

They created the company to see if all the things he has been teaching over the decades work! Their secret? Clear vision and very clear values. Each employee sets their internal goals. Not in line with company goals? It’s Blanchard job to help employ see what the desired goals are, how they can be attained, and how the employee should evaluate progress as they go along. Always comes back to helping people be self-directed.

Most of things in book are things we know. Knowing and applying them, starting from the desired end of day, is different. I’m finding it takes more effort than starting with another list on how I’m going to be/act.

I find myself returning to sections I’m weak in. Humbling. Evaluating efforts on 1-10 scale and finding I’m only 6-7 on most instead of the 8-9.5 I thought definitely motivates me.

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