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The Swordless Samurai

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Leadership Wisdom of Japan's Sixteenth-Century Legend---Toyotomi Hideyoshi by Kitami Masao and Tim Clark

I continue to be humbled how little has changed when it comes to leadership. This is from 16th Century era!

10 chapters. Index makes this a great reference that I frequently refer to, based on challenge at the time. Key lesson I need to be reminded of: What kind of leader do I need for particular challenge? Leadership ideas for crisis situations. Employees tell me my natural management style is dictatorial steamroller. They remind me when I need to review the chapter on negotiation and diplomacy.

Can’t speak for you, but over the years not everything we have tried has worked. I encourage people to take risks. Leadership and failure chapter has good reminders on “take away's” from any situation. Good chapter I can refer people to. When people screw up they rarely have to be told. They know. Help is needed on what to do now. When to cut losses, when a revision in direction or thinking may work, etc.

One of my favorite books to refer to people struggling with an issue.


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