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The Good Book of Business

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Edited by Don Farrell

The Good Book of Business

Don Farrell reached out to 30 business leaders. He asked each to contribute a chapter based on their primary area of industry expertise. Result is long e-Book, 802 pages. Beauty of the book is the chapter breakdown.

When I hit a challenge/problem this is one of first books I grab. Index guides me to the chapter that I need. This is a business resource tool.

Facing a Revenue Management problem in Sales? Differentiated from Revenue Management through Marketing? There are chapters on both topics. Ready to become Orthodontist of Networking? Strategic Planning, Branding, establishing a bottom line culture, and effective Creative Thinking.

Points on Raising Capital and then Jump Starting Your New Business to Succeed Faster. Community Stewardship…Get More Than You Give.

There are lot of “coulda, woulda, shoulda” stories. Their goal is to help entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls contributors learned the hard way.

Greatest value to me? 30 books in one.

Amazon link below has Table of Contents and supplemental information.

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