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Strategy and the Fat Smoker

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Doing what’s Obvious But Not Easy by David Maister

That’s a book name that causes curiosity. I was attracted not by the name, but by author David Maisters who worked 25 years in professional service firms.

Author points out that we all know what we should be doing. Most of time we even know how we should be doing it. It’s the darn short-term temptations that get in the way of success. When was last time you heard of a 5 year business plan? Getting most companies to think beyond the next quarter is difficult. Decisions to benefit the short term often preclude reaching slightly longer term goals.

Maisters addresses real strategy enabling companies to find ways to ensure, that compared to others, the companies actually do what should be done…at least better than their competitors. He talks about correct thinking relative to strategy selling, marketing and management.

The sign of a true executive is making the right things happen consistently over the long term. He uses anecdotes and case histories. How to go from what we want to see happen in our companies to actually assuring it happens.

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