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How to Sell Without Being a Jerk!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

The Foolproof Approach to the World’s Second Oldest Profession by John Klymshyn

John Klymshyn takes his profession very seriously, but has presentation and writing style that is irreverent and humorous. All while giving effective, practical ideas to benefit sales people. Talking to people about need to “read” prospective customers is one thing. John Klymshyn takes it to the next step. He helps people identify how to modify their own behavior to be most effective. Every person in sales hears and responds to things differently. So do employees in other departments, but they are typically in more structured environments. That makes the management process easier than with sales staffs.

This book is excellent for all executives and managers, not just those managing sales teams. John talks about earning respect, moving conversations forward, the actual process, questions to expect and handling objections, and then closing the sale. All topics most of us are familiar with. Books like How To Sell Without Being a Jerk always have nuggets of wisdom that give us different ideas on how we can present something more effectively.

I refer to this book frequently. Equally important I draw our sales team members attention to specific chapter on topic that is challenging or frustrating them. Or suggesting chapters to help them with ideas/suggestions they have. Far better than the boss always “making suggestions.”

Easy, enjoyable read.

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