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Saving the St. George

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

by Greg Plank

Greg Plank spent 40 years in the hotel industry. Saving the Saint George captures the authentic world of guests and employees and the amusing, tragic, and satisfying human events that make the hotel business fascinating.

Lots of humor in this book. Anyone who has worked in the hospitality industry will recognize and identify.

Just a normal hotel industry story of an aging 800 room hotel. Murder, scam artists, exotic dancer conventions, cross dressers, muggers, car thief’s, city officials, dysfunctional employees and even more dysfunctional hotel guests…to go with the some equally great employees and guests.

A fun read that generates lots of laughs and chuckles. Great book to sit down with after hard day that has not gone well.

During his career as a hotel executive Greg was always a good, upbeat story teller. After reading his 2 recent books Greg may have made more money as a writer than hotel chain President.

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