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Beating Cancer with Nutrition

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

By Patrick Quillin with Noreen Quillin.

If you, a loved one, or acquaintance is fighting cancer this book is must read.

Beating Cancer with Nutrition

If you, a loved one, or acquaintance is fighting cancer this book is must read.

Ron and Joan Olmstead, clients and friends for decades, have successfully been beating back stage 4 cancer for over 3 years. They both feel this book has been a key. They have used 2 of the top 3 cancer treatment centers in the US. Changing nutrition habits has made treatments much easier.

Chapter on using aggressive nutrition to improve outcome of cancer treatment. How to avoid malnutrition. Did you know that 40% of cancer patients die from malnutrition? (Cancer affects how your body processes food, leading to malnutrition, even though people think they are eating right.) How to use nutrition to make chemo and radiation more effective. Using nutrition to improve your bodies immune functions. Did you know that sugars feed cancer?

Meal plans and recipes are very helpful. Food that tastes great while being nutritious. Excellent information covering herbs, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and food extracts. Information that majority of us never think about…until we have to.

Last chapter I found very interesting. It covers how to handle the underlying causes of cancer. How to recognize and beat cancer symptoms. Practical information.

Excellent reference information on referral agencies, buying nutrition products, nutrition and cancer books and nutritionally-oriented doctors.

Layout of each section of book is excellent. First information, then example of how actual cancer patient used the section. Lots of good graphics. Book also comes with audio CD.

Friends who dealt with cancer have found this book extremely helpful. This book is excellent guide to better nutrition for people in good health…who want to stay that way.

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