Tom Ferree started Ferree & Associates, Inc in 1978. As our recruiting business expanded we saw opportunities.

Securemploy Division was created to offer direct mail recruitment advertising, Pinpoint ads, candidate sourcing and matching, contract placement for companies, and created a very detailed database on hospitality companies and over 80,000 hotels, resorts, and conference centers. Next, we co-created the leading hospitality industry job board.

We sold the job board to our partner. Technology overtook some SecurEmploy programs.

Now we are full circle and SecurEmploy is offering same services as Ferree & Associates, Inc. It makes sense to consolidate. But why 2 names? Transitional. Both companies have been around over 30 years and each has tens of thousands that know one but not the other. SecurEmploy will ultimately be the surviving name.


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Contribution Factor

The Contribution Factor has been used by many industries to quantitatively measure the effectiveness of management teams. Several years ago, we started using this tool to evaluate the profitability of hotels and resorts. The Contribution Factor turned out to be very accurate. 

Why Does The Contribution Factor Work?


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