Temporary Executives & Consultants

There are four uses for Temporary Executives or Consultants.

  1. When you are redesigning the function in advance of outsourcing.
  2. When you need to have a position filled while you look for permanent replacement.
  3. When you temporarily need much higher skills in the position. (Re-positioning the Department).
  4. When you need help identifying and implementing a better solution for your operation.

SecurEmploy frequently knows people who enjoy these assignment. We also know many consultants who are highly specialized in various aspects of the hospitality industry.


  • Use of temporary executives and outsourcing is being used by more and more properties and companies.
  • Technology is rapidly changing everything we do to operate hotels and resorts. The available labor force can no longer stay abreast of all the areas they are responsible for. Companies also can't afford to pay the salaries for the specialists they need. Hiring consultants to help them implement a new system/approach assures the fastest introduction, implementation and shortest route to solving your challenge.


  • We may not have temporary executive immediately available.
  • Consultants we recommend are often booked. There may be delay before they can start.

The worst that can happen to you is a phone call that does not solve your problem.

Call Tom Ferree at 800-935-5280. A brief conversation will identify how we can best assist you.

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