Searchable Databases

Rules of thumb to be aware of:

-Searchable databases are sold on the large volume of candidates in the database.

-Recruiting firms know that over 80% of the candidates they represent are off the market within 3 months.

That means good searchable databases would not have many candidates.

Majority of candidates in searchable databases have been listed more than 3 months. That means they are probably long gone. Or there is a reason they are still available.

-Only use searchable databases that will let you search by date. Start searching candidates posted in the last 30 days, then go to 60 days.

Stop there. Going any farther back the odds of finding the 'right' candidate are about the same as winning a lottery. Your time is can't afford to misuse it.

-Demand for good people is very high.

Most people who are working simply don't see any need to list themselves. They are being contacted directly often enough.

-Before using any searchable database determine the time you are willing to spend. What is your time worth per hour? What is the return on your time invested on searchable databases versus spending your time on one of the 3 most important responsibilities of your job?

-If you need Top 20% talent understand the odds of finding someone in searchable database is very small.

When should you use searchable databases?

-When you have a number of openings requiring similar skill sets. (Usually entry or lower mid management positions.)

-When preparing for a new opening.

-When introducing a new concept that will require staffing with a different level of employee.

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