Employer of Choice

Latest Internet buzz on recruiting is using Social Networking to brand you as the employer of choice. Then to reach out and cultivate candidates so they will be interested when you have the job opening.

Great concept...but how to implement.

Finding and then consistently communicating with people (every 4-6 weeks) requires discipline and a lot of effort.

Majority of candidates are looking for information specific to job openings they would be qualified for. They really don't want to receive your properties monthly promotions to generate business. (Well maybe sales people at your competitors would be interested.) Candidates want to know what is happening in the Department they would fit into.

(That's 1-2 hours per month per position.)

Becoming an "Employer of Choice" locally is easy. Be known for your great customer service, willingness to provide meaningful training and career development for your employees, maintain your property, and participating in the local community.Properties and companies that do this don't need "Employer of Choice" branding programs. Candidates already know that and seek them out.

Jobs that are going to pull candidates that are farther away may justify a program to establish your property/company an "Employer of Choice."

The easiest and least expensive way to do that:

Let each Department head know they are responsible to have 3-5 candidates to contact for any management position they anticipate having open in the next 12 months.

Each Department head knows who the peer properties are; they should know which of those properties do a good job of developing employees. Then it's simple to find out the name of the person currently in the position.

Majority of hotels and resorts, and management companies should leave these programs to the giant chains.

These programs are great...if you have a plan in place to measure the dollar return from these programs in relation to the dollars spent (actual dollars and labor dollars.) Could those same dollars provide a better return on investment if they were spent on training?

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