Contract Placement

What's the difference between Retained Search, Contract Placement, and Contingency Placement? The amount of time we have to devote to your job and how long your job remains vacant.

YOUR profits drop by 20% of salary for the position each week a job is vacant. (Less than that, the position needs to be re-designed to accomplish that.)

Retained search -minimum of 25% of recruiter's time devoted to your assignment each week.

Contract placement - minimum of 10% of recruiter's time per week. Goal to fill position within 5 weeks.

Contingency placement - (We don't work.) Average is 1 hour per week per assignment (2 % of recruiter's time.) That usually means just searching existing files. These jobs are usually vacant 13-17 weeks. SecurEmploy believes your profits can't afford to have jobs vacant 13-17 weeks.

Rule of Thumb: Search and placement firms need to make 4 placements per recruiter per month to justify the cost of the recruiter.

So which should you use for your current vacancy?

Retained search is for very difficult or one of a kind positions.

Contract placement can be used for most hotel Executive Committee positions and many corporate positions. Jobs you need to fill quickly, and don't have time to waste on job board responses, etc.

SecurEmploy Contract Placement requires a small fee in advance.

Still not sure which you need to use on this vacancy? Call Tom at 800-935-5280. He is great answering questions. And helping clients identify their most cost effective recruiting options.

A few current assignments...

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2018039 Dir Revenue Mgmt MA, TN, AZ, CA $85-130K + Incentives 01/27/2018
2018064 Chef de Cuisine VA, GA, FL, MO, TX, AZ, CA $60-85,000 01/26/2018
2015059 Dir Human Resources FL $110-125,000 12/04/2014
2018035 Executive Housekeepers MI, IL, CA $50-75,000 01/27/2018
2015154-Banquet Chef-High Volume OH $110,000-125,000 03/02/2015
2018044 Director F&B Upscale Brands PA, MD, GA, TN, LA, TX, KS, WI, AZ, CO, CA $100-140,000 + Bonus 01/28/2018
2018041 Dir Finance (4) SC, MO, CO, OR $120-150,000 + Bonus 01/28/2018
more...  (NE=Northeast, S=South, MW=Midwest, SW=Southwest, Mtn=Mountain, WC=AZ, CA, HI, PNW=Pacific Northwest)
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