Candidate Sourcing

Often referred to as the recruiting "Budget Plan"

This program identifies potential candidates for you, then it's up to you to recruit the candidates. Our researchers use sophisticated computerization techniques to identify potential candidates for your position.

The biggest challenge is knowing which hotels or resorts have the candidates you need.

You know who your competitors are. They are probably paying the same salaries you are. To hire from them you will have to increase your salary range.

You need to know the tier of properties a half-step removed from yours. Properties that have the same standards but whose people are making a little less than you want to pay. People who will view your job as a promotion.

Within 48 hours we will have a list of properties for you to recruit from.

Cost: Flat $500. Credit card payment only.


  • This program is an alternative to ads on job boards. You don't need more candidates, you need better candidates. Candidates currently working, and probably not even looking at job board ads.
  • Candidate Sourcing is intermediate step between job board ads and contingency placement or search.
  • Inexpensive


  • Changing direction on job skills necessary may require starting the Sourcing over.
  • Actual recruiting is up to you.
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