SecurEmploy Division has provided placement and other services to help Career Seekers since 1987. Employers typically use SecurEmploy for mid-management positions at hotels. Or when they require good managers but they don't have to be in the Top 20%.

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Tom Ferree reviews each resume to assure it gets the attention it deserves. Resumes from candidates with hospitality experience receive a return email within 24-72 hours.

A few current assignments...

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2017696 Assistant F&B Director Upscale Hotel MD $80,000-$100,000 12/12/2017
2017949 Dir Convention Services FL $105-125,000 12/12/2017
2017789 Exec Chef/F&B Dir Prominent Brands (6) PA IN AL WI IA UT OR $70-120,000 + Bonus from 20-35% 12/13/2017
2017789 Dir Finance (5) IL CA AZ GA NY $130-170,000 + Bonus 12/13/2017
2017884 Dir. Revenue Management NJ FL IN CA $110-140,000 12/13/2017
2017929 Exec Pastry Chef (3) FL, IL. AZ $80-110,000 12/13/2017
2017862 Director F&B (4) Upscale Brands GA, OH, KY, LA $95-135,000 + Bonus 12/13/2017
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